Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break

Pics got uploaded backwards; Sorry! Trip home was delightful (see pic above). I was able to watch 1 1/2 hours of HGTV.'s a good thing I don't have cable. My TV would always be on!
Love Jet Blue! The kids were awesome and for 3 of them it was their 1st plane ride.

This was the reason for our visit. Visiting Gma and Gpa! We had a wonderful weekend with them. Thank You for having us.

We also got to visit with the Great Grandma's. It was so wonderful to see them interact with the flowers. It made them so happy. It was difficult to say good-bye.

We made sure to set aside time to see our old neighbors. We miss our graduate school community dearly. We met the most wonderful people and it was nice to see the flowers step right back in with their friends as if they hadn't been apart for the past 2 years.

Snap Dragon and the Gardener with their sand castle.

Don't laugh...these bodies haven't seen sun like this for a long time. I just had to document our 30 year old bodies.

We had to slather these kids and us with 70 SPF. They haven't been out to play in the sun in 6 months, but it paid one came back sunburned!
One of our best beach trips. It was so pleasant and the flowers had a ball. It was Monkey's first trip to a CA beach.

We rented a 2011 Sienna with XM radio (Calla Lily loved the Elvis station). We really enjoyed this sweet ride!