Saturday, July 9, 2011


Not moving you say, well I am going to finally do some decorating!
I hate white walls and I can't paint them, so I picked out a few pieces in the house and painted them bright colors

Found this bad boy on Craigslist and use it in the entry way as a shoe cabinet. It hides all the shoes so nicely



These picture frames I bought at IKEA years ago. They were natural wood but I finally painted them and updated the pictures in them. For the blue (Caribe) frames I got some wood embellishments from Michaels and wood, cut them and glued them down before painting. I then rubbed black paint in the creases and then wiped off the excess after I had finished painting it with the blue. Love it and they look great above my new dining table.

Our neighbors were going to toss this coffee table. It was scratched up and their dog had chewed the corners. I patched the corners, sanded it down (but left some of the black paint) and painted it California Poppy Red. We've never had a coffee table, but I love it with my Yellow chair and flowered couch.

This is a hand me down lamp from my mom. Used to be a gold color, now its Caribe. I still need to make a lamp new lamp shade for it.

Snapdragon got a hold of the camera.
We only have a one car garage, so this gives you an idea of the size of the space I was working in.

This has taken me months, but I have loved working with my hands and creating new pieces. I got a lot of my ideas from looking at other blogs about redecorating on the cheap. You can update any old piece of furniture and make it look fabulous. Wish I could have found a dining table set to redo, but square tables with 8 chairs are a new thing. oh well!


Kristi said...

I love it! I just painted my coffee table blue and I love the difference it makes. Don't be afraid of color!

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