Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Trip

Since M.G. had a few days off for New Years, we headed north to visit a friend of the Gardeners.

Saturday we went sledding. The children were so happy, it was worth the scary drive and freezing temps. Even Monkey was pleasant.
Gardener with her friend.
Keeping warm by the fire.

Miracle Gro and Calla Lily


Fort Casey Lighthouse

View of Olympic National park from Fort Casey.

Ferry boat and Mt Baker

The Gardens first ferry boat ride. On Friday we took it to an island to do some exploring.

On the way to the ferry port, we saw some cool Boeing Planes.

Thursday afternoon we went up the Space Needle where we got a fantastic view of all surrounding mountains and setting sun. We also went to the science museum.

Puget Sound and the mountain range in Olympic National Park. (exploring that will be next)

Mt Rainier

We had a great time seeing the Gardeners friend and family and seeing some of the Seattle area. We can't wait to go back!


Steph said...

you guys got great pictures! I haven't even had a chance to look at mine yet! It was so fun having you up!